Template Variables

Customize your slides by adding dynamic template variables!

Make your slide more personal by adding dynamic information to it using Template Variables. Template variables are a way for you to embed dynamic pieces of text into your slides.

Say for example you want to greet a customer by their first name. To do this, you would do the following:

  1. Create a survey with a copy slide that says: "Welcome {{ first_name }}! It's nice to meet you"

  2. The code within the brackets will be replaced with a template variable. To replace it add the following javascript code to your embed code (where FIRST_NAME is replaced by the code to get the user's first name from your website):

window.Zigpoll.templateVariables = {
    first_name: FIRST_NAME

This will make it so that, if the FIRST_NAME variable is "Jason" it will read "Welcome Jason!"

All of the slide fields are editable in this way. You can include template variables in the title, subtitle, copy, or label fields.

Template Variables follow all the syntax and include all the features of the handlebars library. So if you want to perform some advanced logic, you can consult the handlebars documentation and if it is a valid handlebars template, it will render in your Zigpoll as well with any Template Variables you provide.

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