General Settings

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Account Title

This is the title of the account. You will want to name is something that is easy to remember, since you may end up having more than one. For instance if your Zigpoll is located at then a name like "My Company" or "mycompany" would be a good choice.

Domain Name

When you create an account, you are asked whether or not you want to setup a specific domain name or show the Zigpoll on all domains. Generally, if you're not sure what this means it's safe to just select Show on all domains. But if you're still curious, let's break it down.

If you select Show on all domains it means that any of your surveys can be embedded anywhere on the web, even on sites that you do not own. Normally this isn't a problem since it's unlikely someone will want to embed your survey on their website. But if you're worried about it you can lock it down by entering your domain name within this form.

If you chose to enter your domain name, you're given a choice of:

  • Include Subdomains

  • Match Exactly

Include subdomains means that it will include all subdomains under your parent domain. So, for example, if your website is this will include,, and any other subdomain you can think of.

If you want to just have your Zigpoll show up on a specific subdomain (say like only) then you would chose the Match Exactly option and enter

Notification Settings

By default all notifications are sent to the account owner. This can be changed however to be sent out to one or more email addresses. To change the default, flip the switch and then enter one or more email addresses to the list. Now all of your survey notifications will be sent to the emails on that list.

Account ID

This is your Account ID. You can click to copy it. You may need it for our Wordpress plugin or if you are writing some custom Javascript code using our Javascript API.

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