Visibility Settings

Learn about poll visibility settings here

These settings will be applied to this specific poll only. If you want to adjust the settings for all polls then please use the Account -> Visibility Tab.

Learn about all the visibility settings below:

Hide Immediately After Completed

By default the poll will remain on the page after it has been filled out and closed. It will just remain as the small bubble. If you would prefer this not to happen, you can flip this switch and the poll disappear immediately (and entirely) once it has been completely filled out.

Show After Completed

By default, the poll will disappear on the next page reload once it has been filled out. If you would prefer for it to stay, flip this switch. This might be useful if you think your visitors will want to check on the results of the poll after they have filled it out.

By default, the poll will render for 10 times before disappearing forever. If you would like to change this number, just enter it in the input box and press save.

If you would like the poll to show up forever, flip the switch and press save.

Open Dynamically

If you want your poll to open automatically then flip this switch. You will be given the following options:

  • Open after a time limit

  • Open when a user has scrolled past a certain amount of your webpage

So, say for example you wanted your Zigpoll to open immediatly when the user loads your page. You would flip Open Dynamically to true and set the duration to 0 seconds and set the page percentage to 0 as well. Then press Save Changes.

If you wanted the page to open after 3 seconds you would enter 3 for the duration. Or if you wanted the poll to open half way down the page you would enter 50 for the page percentage.

Enter values 0 and 0 for the Zigpoll to open automatically when the user visits your page.