Javascript API

Want to create come custom behavior for your Zigpoll?

Single Page Web Apps

If you have a single page website you can still use Zigpoll. All you need to do is run the following code immediately after you change a page within your app.


Programmatically Toggle The Poll

If you want to toggle your Zigpoll programatically (like when a user clicks a button) use the following function.


This will toggle your Zigpoll open and closed.

Alternatively you can use:;

To open and close the Zigpoll respectively.

Trigger Event Once Zigpoll Is Loaded

To trigger some behavior once the Zigpoll has loaded, use the onload parameter of the Zigpoll object. For example:

window.Zigpoll.onload = function () { console.log('Zigpoll loaded') }

This will run once immediately after the Zigpoll has been loaded on your page.

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