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Learn how take control of your survey .

These settings will be applied to this specific survey only. If you want to adjust the settings for all surveys then please use the Account -> Display Tab.

Learn about all the display settings below:


Once a survey is visible it will be public for all to see. Surveys which are not visible cannot be seen on your website and, no matter which page rules are set, will not show up publicly.

Only visible surveys will show up on your website. You should switch a survey to visible once you have it configured how you want.

These settings will be applied to all of your surveys. If you want to override these settings for a specific survey, you can do so by navigating to that survey, clicking the Display tab, and then flipping the switch titled "Override Account Display Settings".

In order to make sure the Zigpoll widget matches your website, we have given you the following configurations:

Background Color

This will change the color of the circle icon. We suggest you use a complimentary color to match your website's branding.

Action Color

This will change the color of all the buttons and interactive elements within your Zigpoll.

Notification Color

This will change the color of the notification icon that shows up when you have either updated or a survey or to mark that a survey has been completed by your customer.


You can align your Zigpoll to the bottom left or the bottom right. Depending on your website you may also want to position where on the page the widget shows up. The default is 20px by 20px from the bottom left of the screen.

Dynamic Launcher

If you flip this switch you will get two configurations for your launcher. One which will show before the survey has been completed, and then another which will show after the survey has been completed. To see an example fill out the survey on our homepage.

Desktop Layout

You can decide if you want to show the Icon, Icon and Text, or just Text on your launcher. You cannot configure the mobile layout however. For mobile it will just show the icon.

Launcher Text

The text that will render on your launcher (this is optional)

Launcher Icon

The icon that will render on your launcher. On mobile, your icon will render even if you selected just Text for Desktop Layout.

Hide Status

You can hide the status icon (the circle on the top right of the launcher) if you prefer.

This lets you toggle the "Powered by Zigpoll" branding at the bottom of the survey.

Custom CSS

If you want to add additional CSS to your Zigpoll, you can add it here. This feature is experimental and selectors may change, so please use this at your own risk.

You must be on the Standard plan or better in order to hide the Zigpoll branding or use Custom CSS.

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