Display Settings

Learn how take control of your poll .

In order to make sure the Zigpoll widget works the way you want we have given you the following configurations:


Once a poll is visible it will be public for all to see. Poll which are not visible cannot be seen on your website and, no matter which page rules are set, will not show up publicly.

Only visible polls will show up on your website. You should switch a poll to visible once you have it configured how you want.

Show Slide Counter

This setting will toggle whether or not the slide counter shows up on the top right of the poll. It is set to be visible by default.

Allow Resubmissions

If you enable this setting a visitor on your website will be able to resubmit the Zigpoll every time he or she visits the page. This is useful if you want to use Zigpoll as a Form.

For example, if you wanted to have a Contact Us form (like we do here) you would want to allow your visitor to submit that form whenever they want regardless of whether or not they filled it out in the past.

For Form type Zigpolls you will probably want to select Allow Resubmissions

Open Dynamically

If you want your poll to open automatically then flip this switch. You will be given the following options:

  • Open after a time limit

  • Open when a user has scrolled past a certain amount of your webpage

So, say for example you wanted your Zigpoll to open immediatly when the user loads your page. You would flip Open Dynamically to true and set the duration to 0 seconds and set the page percentage to 0 as well. Then press Save Changes.

If you wanted the page to open after 3 seconds you would enter 3 for the duration. Or if you wanted the poll to open half way down the page you would enter 50 for the page percentage.

Enter values 0 and 0 for the Zigpoll to open automatically when the user visits your page.