Targeting Settings

Take control over who sees your survey

You can use targeting settings in order to take better control over who gets to see your survey. You have access to the following settings:


This will control what percentage of visitors see your survey. For example, if you select 50%, then 1 out of every two visitors will be shown your survey. This behavior will occur randomly.


This will control who sees your survey. For example, if you select, "Traffic to your site from a search engine" then your survey will only be shown to users who found you through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc...


This will allow you to only show your survey to users from a certain country or countries. This is useful if you want to target your domestic or international customers.

Browser & Device

This will allow you to survey customers who are using a specific device or browser. This is useful for debugging your user experience on certain platforms.

IP Address

This allows you to restrict your survey to a specific set or subset of IP Addresses.


This allows you to show the survey to new visitors or returning visitors to your site. We determine new or returning visitors by using session storage.

Page Views

This allows you to only show a survey after a user has visited a certain number of pages. This is useful if you only want to bother your customer with a survey after they have had some time to enjoy your website.

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