Affiliate Program

Learn how to start earning 30% revenue share for any referral you bring on board.

Step #1: Create a Zigpoll Account.

You can create a free account by going to and filling in the form. Once you have done this, click settings on the bottom left hand side.

Step #2: Sign up With Stripe

Click the connect with stripe button at the bottom under Affiliate Settings. Once you click this button, you will be redirected to Stripe's secure on-boarding flow. Enter your payment information and a few personal details and you will be ready to start earning.

Step #3: Copy Your Affiliate Link

Now when you scroll to the bottom of the settings page you will see your affiliate link. Share this link with anyone who might be interested in using Zigpoll to help power their business. Once they click on this link, they have 30 days to create an account. If they create an account within 30 days you will receive 30% of every payment they make for as long at this account exists.

Step #4: Relax and Enjoy That Mailbox Money

Your funds will automatically be transferred to your Stripe account on the 28th of each month. The funds will then go from Stripe into your bank account on the start of the next calendar day (this may take longer depending on what country you are in). If you want to see the status of your referrals, simply check you referral dashboard by clicking the link under the affiliate settings card.

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