Participant Metadata

Get the most out of your implementation by tracking participant metadata.

In the next section you can learn more about Participants. In short, Participants allow you to keep track of how individuals have responded to your polls. Participants are automatically tracked based on their session with the basic embed code, but you can save extra data to the participant by adding the following code below the embed code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
      window.Zigpoll.user = {
        handle: USER_HANDLE,
        id: USER_ID,
        metadata: {
          first_name: USER_FIRST_NAME,
          last_name: USER_LAST_NAME,
          email: USER_EMAIL

The additional fields you can explore are the following:

  • Handle <String>

  • Id <String>

  • Metadata <Object>


Handles are intended to be an easy way to view your participants list. For example you might want to list your participants by their first and last name followed by their email address.


Id's are unique identifiers for your participants. If you do not supply an ID a unique ID will be provided for you, but it will refresh at the end of each session. This means that if a user clears their cache, they will be re-created with a new id unless you explicitly pass one in. You will likely want to replace this with the user id value that you use within your particular database.


Metadata allows you to save any additional information about a Participant that you like. To add more data, just add a key and a value to the metadata object.

Contact us if you need help implementing participant tracking. For paid plans we offer full support.

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