Display Settings

Learn how to make your poll as beautiful as your website.

In order to make sure the Zigpoll widget matches your website, we have given you the following configurations:

Background Color

This will change the color of the circle icon. We suggest you use a complimentary color to match your website's branding.

Action Color

This will change the color of all the buttons and interactive elements within your Zigpoll.

Notification Color

This will change the color of the notification icon that shows up when you have either updated or a poll or to mark that a poll has been completed by your customer.


You can align your Zigpoll to the bottom left or the bottom right. Depending on your website you may also want to position where on the page the widget shows up. The default is 20px by 20px from the bottom left of the screen.

This lets you toggle the "Powered by Zigpoll" branding at the bottom of the poll.

You must be on the Standard plan or better in order to hide the Zigpoll branding.