Public Link

Learn about how to best utilize your Poll's public link.
All Zigpolls come with a public link for easy sharing. This link can be found on the General tab for each poll.

Query Parameters

All query parameters added to your poll's public link will be appended as metadata. This means if you want to tag a specific customer, you could do the following:
https://share.zigpoll.com/ACCOUNT_ID/POLL_ID?tag=special user
The link above would add metadata called tag with value special user to any participant that responds to the poll via that url.
This is especially useful if you are embedding a poll within a Shopify email template and want to track customer information. For example, if you want to add a Zigpoll to your Fulfillment email, you could add the following to your template:
https://share.zigpoll.com/ACCOUNT_ID/POLL_ID?shopify_customer_id={{ customer.id }}&shopify_customer_email={{ customer.email }}&&shopify_order_id={{ order.id }}
The link above will dynamically add the customer id, email and the order id to each participant. This allows you to keep track of who filled out your poll and respond to them if necessary.