General Settings

Learn all about your poll's general settings here.

Survey Title

The name of your survey. We recommend making this something that is easy to remember like "Homepage Survey" or "Checkout Survey"

Show Progress

By default we show a percentage on the top right of how far you are within a survey. You can remove this by flipping the switch.

Page Rules

When you create a survey, you are asked whether or not you want to show the survey on all pages. Generally, if you're not sure what this means or if you only have a single survey it's safe to just select Show on all pages.

If you select Show on all pages it means that this particular survey will show up all pages where your embed code is located.

If you have multiple surveys that are set to Show on all pages the poll that is higher up on your Active Surveys list will take precedence.

If you chose to enter specific display rules, you have the following options:

  • Matches Exactly

  • Match Variable

  • Includes

These options allow you to build rules which can match any possible page configurations. Let's go through some use cases for each one.

Matches Exactly

Use this option if you want to match a specific page path. For example if you have a page at and you want to show your "Beach Ball" Zigpoll on that page you would enter product/beach-ball into the input field under matches exactly.

If you want to match the homepage only then use Matches Exactly and leave the input field blank and press "Update Survey".

Matches Variable

Use this option if you want to match a dynamic set of pages that all match a pattern one level deep.

For example: I want to show my "Product" Zigpoll on all pages that match In order to do this I would select Match Variable and enter: products into the input box.

You can have multiple rules for each page. So if you want to show the same poll on several different paths just add another rule.

Starts With

Use this option if you want to match a dynamic set of pages that starts with a certain pattern.

For example: I want to show my "Blog" Zigpoll on any page that starts with /blog/ in the URL. I would want to use Starts With instead of Match Variable because I want to match /blog/category/food as well as /blog/category/food/my-food-post and /blog/category/cars/my-car-post etc...

Use Starts With if you want to match any page that has is located under certain URL path.

Ends With

Use this option if you want to match a dynamic set of pages that ends with a certain pattern.

Use Ends With if you want to match any page that finishes with a certain URL pattern.

Exclusion Rules

If you want to exclude a path from rendering a survey then you will want to enable exclusion rules. Click this and then enter the paths which would be excluded from showing the survey.

Allow Resubmissions

If you enable this setting a visitor on your website will be able to resubmit the Zigpoll every time he or she visits the page. This is useful if you want to use Zigpoll as a Form.

For example, if you wanted to have a Contact Us form (like we do here) you would want to allow your visitor to submit that form whenever they want regardless of whether or not they filled it out in the past.

Make Survey Unique Per Page

If you enable this setting the survey will be treated as unique depending on the URL it was accessed from. For instance if you have a checkout survey, you will want it to be unique depending on the URL it was accessed from (because order 123 is different than order 321).

Notify When Complete

If you enable this you will receive an email notification whenever this survey is completed.

Notification Recipients

By default the Account Notification Recipients (found in the Account -> General tab) will be notified. If you would like to override this, flip the switch and enter the email addresses that should be notified when this specific survey has been completed.

Embed Settings

By default the survey will show up as a widget. If you would prefer to embed the Zigpoll directly onto your page. Then you will want to select Embed on your page. Once you do this you will be prompted to add a selector. This selector should be a valid CSS selector that points to the element where you want the survey to show up.

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